Health insurance coverage decision in Washington blocks abortion coverage

Court rules mandatory health insurance is not fair

The State Senate has stopped a discussion on a plan that would make this coverage a requirement. The Washington state Senate – a coalition dominated by Republicans – has just stopped a discussion for a plan in the state to add a requirement for health insurance companies to provide coverage for abortion. The procedural motion was voted down after a heated exchange in the chamber. Some of the Democrats from the Washington Senate had moved to add a health insurance bill before a primary deadline. They said that they had…

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New health insurance market to emerge in Washington

washington health insurance exchange

Washington health insurance market set to expand this fall The health insurance market of Washington is expected to expand this fall as another provision of the Affordable Care Act go live in the state. Washington residents that currently have no health insurance will find that they have become eligible for Medicaid once this provision has been instituted. They will also be able to find health insurance through the state’s own insurance exchange, which is expected to begin enrollment near the end of this year. Residents may benefit through expansion of…

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Blue Shield in Washington state to increase health insurance rates

Health Insurance News

Premiums to rise by an average of nearly 15 percent for families and individuals. The Blue Shield health insurance entity has asked permission to raise its rates in Washington state by nearly 15 percent starting at the end of October. The state Commissioner has now been asked for permission to boost rates on October 31 by an average of 14.7 percent. In its proposal, it has claimed that these new boosted rates would be maintained until 2013 is complete. It justifies its request by saying that the additional funds are required…

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