Health insurance with vision care leads to better results

health insurance - eye care

Research has shown that the overall wellbeing of eyes is improved with additional coverage. The results of recent research have now been released, and they have revealed that adults who do not have vision coverage as a part of their health insurance may suffer irreparable damage to their eyesight. The study argues that eye coverage should be a required element of standard medical policies. What the researchers determined was that individuals between the ages of 40 and 65 years old and who are covered with health insurance that includes vision…

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Avoiding misconceptions about Medicare to sidestep financial struggles

Medicare open enrollment deadline approaching fast – things you should know!

According to the outcome of a study performed by Bankers Life and Casualty Company Center for a Secure Retirement, a startling number of retired individuals in the middle-income bracket who are on Medicare either do not understand or they misunderstand the costs and coverage provided by the program, which can lead to unexpected expenses. The research, whose findings were included in the report entitled “Retirement Healthcare for Middle-Income Americans”, examined data regarding 400 pre-Medicare individuals in the baby boomer generation (aged 47 to 64), as well as 400 adults in…

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Federal government allows state insurance authorities to choose their own insurance benefits packages

The federal government has released the benefits framework attached to the Affordable Care Act that will help shape the benefits millions of people will receive with their health insurance policies in the coming years. The government began working on the framework after states issued complaints about the health care law not being clear on how it would affect benefits. States have been vying for control of the matter, and now the federal government has agreed to allow state insurance regulators to decide the specifics of the benefits given to consumers.…

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What consumers can expect from Medigap coverage

According to senior Medicare adviser from PlanPrescriber, Steve Zaleznick, consumers with original Medicare have been watching their insurance premiums steadily climb, and it is recommended that these individuals carefully consider their Medigap supplemental coverage in order to make sure that adequate protection under a less expensive plan. According to the director of benefits access policy of the Washington D.C.-based nonprofit advocacy organization, National Council on Aging, Hilary Sohmer Dalin, Medigap plans are designed to function with the original Medicare plan, and “Medigap wraps itself around Medicare and covers some or…

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Michigan health insurer rolls out new plan geared for youth

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has unveiled a new insurance plan tailored for young adults, which will cost them less than $100 monthly. Called the Young Adult Blue Max plan, the goal is to provide coverage for those between the ages of 19 and 30. The plan offers medical, dental and vision coverage. Preventative care and services are included in the plan. The insurer is claiming that their new coverage plan will prove especially beneficial for young adults striking out on their own. Whether they are starting a career…

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