Virginia health insurance to lose Anthem next year

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The insurer announced it will officially leave the state’s exchange for the 2018 marketplace. Anthem recently announced its intentions to step out of the Virginia health insurance marketplace for 2018. Moreover, it has also revealed that it will be reducing the number of health plans it sells in Bristol, as well as Washington and Scott counties. The withdrawal from the insurance exchange occurred after Republicans failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This news was also made on the heels of President Trump’s threat to slash healthcare subsidy payments which…

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Data shows 87,000 people enroll for health insurance coverage in Virginia

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Consumers in Virginia are finding coverage through the state’s insurance exchange Information from the federal government shows that approximately 87,000 consumers living in Virginia have found health insurance coverage through the state’s exchange marketplace. The open enrollment period for the exchange began on November 1 of this year and will run through January 31, 2016. Once the enrollment period began, many consumers flocked to the exchange either to find new policies or acquire coverage for the first time. Many more were automatically enrolled in the exchange for having purchased coverage…

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Competition begins heating up in the health insurance sector

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Health insurance exchanges are boosting competition Health insurance exchanges throughout the U.S. have encountered many problems over the past month. When open enrollment began, exchange websites were flooded with traffic, leading to capacity problems and technical glitches with many exchange systems. In the weeks that followed, many state-based exchanges were able to overcome these issues, though technical difficulties still plagued the website and enrollment system. As health insurance exchanges have begun growing more capable of handling demand, they are beginning to accomplish one of their primary goals: Increase competition…

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Virginia legislators move to draft laws for a health insurance exchange despite Governor’s wishes

Virginia may soon be heading down the path of establishing its own health insurance exchange, despite opposition from Governor Robert McDonnell. State legislators worry that time is growing short for the state to take action. If Virginia does not build its own exchange by 2014, the federal government will step in and build and govern one of their own. Legislation that would make an exchange possible is being championed by Delegate Terry Kilgore, chairman of the House of Commerce and Labor Committee. Kilgore believes that immediate action must be taken…

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Virginia Governor submits report to state Legislature regarding a health insurance exchange

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has brought a report to the state’s General Assembly this week regarding his stance on the Affordable Care Act and whether the state should pursue its own insurance exchange or leave the matter in the hands of the federal government. McDonnell is an ardent opponent of the health care reform, calling the legislation “unfounded federal intrusion” into a state’s governance. While he stands opposed to the law, how an insurance exchange might benefit consumers has not been lost on him. Virginian lawmakers are currently deliberating on…

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