Crashed Virgin Galactic spaceship had $40 to $50 million in insurance coverage

Virgin Galactic Space Tourism insurance coverage

The primary underwriter that will be responsible for the payouts is going to be AIG. The disaster that occurred on Friday when the Virgin Galactic spaceship crashed has approximately $40 to $50 million in insurance coverage, and the main insurer that is going to be responsible for those payments is reported to be AIG. This, according to the broker on the deal, Jardine Lloyd Thompson, a British brokerage and insurance services provider. At the time that this article was written, AIG declined the opportunity to comment on this insurance coverage.…

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Travel insurance to cover your trip into space

It is predicted that this year will bring the first commercial flights into space, and with them, those space tourists will also be purchasing travel insurance to provide them with additional coverage for their trips. Among the leading space tourism companies is Virgin Galactic, which is offering coverage directly through its website, though these travelers can also speak with their travel agents if they want to obtain the coverage they need, just as they would for any other type of traditional vacation. Though the ultra-wealthy have already been taking space…

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Space travel insurance policy available from Allianz in 2012

In an effort to be the first in the industry to take advantage of the upcoming wave of “ordinary astronauts” who will be taking the first commercial trips into space next year, the German insurance giant, Allianz, has announced that in 2012 it will begin selling space travel insurance policies. The sale of these policies will align with the launch of the spaceflight company called Virgin Galactic, owned by Virgin Group’s Richard Branson. There have already been approximately 450 people who have made seat reservations with Virgin Galactic for its…

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