New FTJ/FSL Vice President to Lead IT Efforts

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KANSAS CITY, Missouri (September 12, 2016) – Forrest T. Jones & Company, Inc. (FTJ) and Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company (FSL) have appointed Roy Moore to a newly created vice president position to lead the organizations’ information technology (IT) efforts. Moore will provide strategic leadership as a member of the FTJ/FSL executive team and manage a department of nearly 50 IT professionals. He will report to Richard F. Jones, FTJ/FSL President. Moore joins FTJ/FSL after more than a decade of working in IT at other firms, most recently as chief…

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Seniors may soon pay more for medical expenses

Senior citizens may be facing a number of new out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare as Congress struggles with debt limit talks and is debating alterations to the supplemental plans for Medicare. The federal health program, Medicare, is meant to support the elderly and disables, though they are responsible for the payment of certain test costs, hospital deductibles, and visits to the doctor. In order to assist themselves with these additional out-of-pocket expenses, many Medicare beneficiaries purchase Medigap plans. Among the beneficiaries, 34 percent receive their Medigap coverage from their former employers.…

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