Proper tire pressure could save you a fortune in vehicle expenses

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge ways to save money

Drivers face enough costs when it comes to insurance premiums and rising gas prices, but there are simple ways to save. Car ownership is an expensive part of life, and it isn’t getting any cheaper, but fortunately there are certain tips such as proper tire pressure that can help you to make sure that you will save as much money as possible along the way. Some of the best ways to save money are actually the easiest ones, so be sure to learn what they are. The first step in…

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Auto insurance, repairs, and gas considered to rank states for cost of vehicle ownership

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The recent study showed that Wyoming is the most expensive state, while Iowa is the cheapest. A new report has now been issued by that has shown that when factors such as the annual cost of auto insurance, repairs, and gasoline are taken into account, the most expensive state in the country to own a vehicle is Wyoming. At the other end of the scale, it is Iowa in which it is the least expensive to own and drive a car. When looking at the average costs of…

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