Search and rescue insurance launches in Utah for outdoors enthusiasts

hiking utah search and rescue insurance

Recreationists residing in the state can pay a small fee to waive potential costs if a hike goes wrong. Utah officials announced the launch of a new search and rescue insurance product available to nature enthusiasts and campers. The fee is extremely affordable and would mean that policyholders wouldn’t need to pay expensive costs for search and rescue if a hike or camping adventure goes awry. The annual premium for this S and R insurance policy will be a highly affordable $25 for anyone who wants it. That said, entire…

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Food truck insurance now available in Utah

food truck insurance

Farmers Insurance has launched this new coverage within the state, providing a first for that company. Farmers Insurance has announced the launch of a new food truck insurance coverage. This will provide protection to that type of vehicle and will be available in Utah. It marks the first time the company has stepped into the mobile restaurant coverage business. The food truck marketplace is growing rapidly larger, presenting a considerable opportunity for insurance companies. By way of the new food truck insurance offering, Farmers has started to sell to licensed…

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Utah insurance co-op closure leaves $33 million in unpaid claims

Salt Lake City capital Utah insurance co-op

The nonprofit cooperative has now collapsed and has left hospitals without millions in payments. Arches Mutual Insurance Co, a nonprofit Utah insurance co-op, has now collapsed. As a result, there are millions of dollars worth of unpaid claims. This could leave hospitals without a massive number of payments. The Utah Department of Insurance said the not for profit cooperative will likely not pay its debts until next year. Despite the fact that Arches Mutual Insurance still owes hospitals $33 million, this debt won’t be paid soon. The Utah Department Insurance…

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Number of people without health insurance continues to fall in Utah

Utah flag health insurance

Utah’s uninsured population continues to dwindle thanks to new options and a recovering economy The number of uninsured people in Utah is falling. An improving economic climate and the growing availability of health insurance options means that more people are finding ways to obtain the coverage that they need. The Utah Department of Health has released a report that marks the decline of the uninsured population. Over the past year, more people have purchased or received insurance coverage from the state’s new exchange or from its expanded Medicaid program. Nearly…

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Privilege of Buying Medicare Supplement Plans at Lower Rates in Utah

Medicare Enrollment 2011

Utah is one of the few states in the country where you get Medicare supplement plans at much lower costs. There are many reasons why the Medicare plans are less expensive in the states like Utah, Colorado and Nevada even though they have big cities like Salt Lake City, Denver and Las Vegas, in them. One of the most prominent reasons is that these states are healthier states. When you compare the Medicare supplement plans in Utah with other states you will see that they are less expensive. There are…

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