Auto insurance rates for families adding teen drivers in Utah heads 89 percent higher

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Coverage for adolescents behind the wheel in the state is now tied for the fifteenth highest increase. It isn’t much of a secret that auto insurance coverage for a teen driver can be quite a costly purchase, but families in Utah are watching their family policies skyrocket in cost as they add an adolescent to their coverage. A new report has shown that the average annual premium increase for these drivers was 89 percent. The report was issue by and it showed that this auto insurance premiums increase was…

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Teens may be driving up auto insurance rates

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Rates for teen drivers are on the rise in Utah and other states Teen drivers may be pushing auto insurance costs higher in Utah and other states. A new survey from shows that the average premium for auto coverage has increased by 89% throughout the state. Utah is now home to the 15th highest auto insurance rates in the country, and teenagers may be responsible for this. Teens have long been a major risk for insurance companies, largely due to conceptions regarding their recklessness and lack of driving experience.…

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Usage-based auto insurance comes to Utah

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Allstate introduces new auto insurance program in Utah Auto insurance is taking a new turn in Utah. Drivers throughout the state will now have an opportunity to save money on their auto insurance coverage, thatnks to Allstate’s DriveWise program. The program is designed to gather information concerning a person’s driving habits and use this information to price coverage. This information is gathered through a simple device that can be installed beneath a vehicle’s steering wheel. Alternatively, On-Star using can also take advantage of the program without having to install an…

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California is the state with the fourth toughest consequences for texting behind the wheel has released a list of the ranks of the states that have the toughest consequences for texting while driving, and California drivers came in fourth among the ten hardest hitting. The Austin, Texas-based is an organization that provides comparison quotes for insurance policies over the internet. It performed the review of the bans that have been put into place in Washington D.C. and 35 of the states. Their news release reported on the company’s examination of the penalties and fines that are issued to drivers who are caught…

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