Usage based insurance devices track drivers using GPS

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This type of program may be causing motorists to exchange their privacy for potential discounts. Drivers who are looking to save money on their auto premiums are starting to look toward options such as usage based insurance, which involves installing a device in the motorist’s vehicle in order to allow the insurer to track actual driving habits, instead of basing premiums exclusively on more general risk models. While this can give safe drivers the chance to prove their low risk, and save money, there may be a catch. Privacy advocates…

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Usage based insurance technology embraced by drivers who want to save

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According to the results of a recent survey, drivers will report their data in order to achieve greater savings. The results of a survey from Cisco Systems, the networking giant, have now been released in a report from the company that have shown that usage based insurance has great potential as consumers are willing to embrace technology in their vehicles in order to enjoy lower premiums. Consumers have shown that they would be willing to allow insurers to track their driving data in exchange for savings. The results of the…

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Usage based insurance is causing a growing privacy concern

usage based insurance data security

Though consumers are keen to save money on their policies, they wonder if they might be sharing too much. With the increasing popularity of usage based insurance programs, individuals and organizations are starting to look beyond the potential for saving money and are discovering that a large amount of information is being shared with the insurers. This is causing them to question exactly what and how much data is being collected. A vehicle is already naturally collecting a great deal of information about the way that a driver uses it.…

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Usage based insurance licensing terms released by Progressive

Progressive usage based Insurance

With six American patents in place, the insurer has now announced the rules for the use of its intellectual property. Progressive has just announced the terms of a new licensing program that it has developed for the use of its usage based insurance programs and the various proprietary elements that are related to them. The insurer has been carefully developing and protecting the various parts of these programs over the years. This licensing option has been long awaited by the industry, as the insurer has been indicating that it would…

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Usage based insurance may reach 50 percent in 8 years

usage based insurance dashboard

By the year 2020, over half of all auto policies may use UBI devices for premiums calculations. The results of a research study performed by Strategy Meets Action has revealed predictions that by the year 2020, one fifth of all insurers will have usage based insurance products that will cover over half of the entire personal auto coverage market. It indicated that there would be a very rapid growth in this sector of the industry. The name of the SMA study was “Telematics/Usage Based Insurance: A Catalyst for Change”. The…

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