Petline and NFP collaborate on new US pet insurance

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The companies have come together to offer a new line of coverage products for animal owners to buy. The Petline pet insurance company has teamed up with leading property and casualty broker NFP to offer a new line of products to cover cats and dogs and give US animal owners peace of mind. The insurer has been active in the market since 1989 and describes itself as a leader in that category. The Petline flagship pet insurance brand, Petsecure, offers owners a spectrum of different solutions to fit the individual…

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Walmart pet insurance launched as pandemic animal adoptions spike

Walmart Pet Insurance - Puppy with person

The retailer is offering coverage through Petplan and is also offering the Rover feature for services. Beyond buying kibble and leashes at the retailer, customers can now purchase Walmart pet insurance to help cover veterinary costs in the case of unexpected illness or injury. The retailer spotted the appeal of the coverage as the pandemic has caused animal adoptions to skyrocket. The Walmart pet insurance is launched at the same time that the Rover service has become available to connect customers with services such as dog walkers and sitters. The…

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National Puppy Day reminds dog owners of the importance of pet insurance

National Puppy Day - Cute Puppy

Saturday was an ultra-cute opportunity to look at the difference these animals make in our lives. Saturday was National Puppy Day and across the country, dog owners and dog lovers took the opportunity to appreciate how important these animals are to us and the difference we can make to them, too. Increasingly dogs are seen as furry family members as opposed to being animal possessions. The last couple of decades have marked a strong difference in the way we think of our pets. They are beloved companions, but what they…

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Pet insurance policies from Hartville sold online through Target

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The insurer recently moved its headquarters to Akron, at a former Lockheed Martin facility. Hartville Pet Insurance Group has announced that it has now formed a new partnership with Target, in order to make it possible for customers to purchase health care policies for their pets on the retail giant’s website. The partnership has already begun, but the policies won’t become available until later this month. Starting late this month, customers who visit the Target website will be able to access information about various pet insurance policies from Hartville and…

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Pets Best Insurance holds contest to bring awareness to National Pet Health Insurance Month

It is National Pet Health Insurance Month in the United States and in order to recognize it and bring awareness to it, Pets Best Insurance is holding a “Freaky Friday” contest which will honor the pet emergency or pet accident stories that are the “freakiest”. Pets Best Insurance was founded by Dr. Jack Stephens, an expert in the industry and the founder of American pet health insurance. A winner will be selected for every week throughout the month and will receives a gift certificate worth $50 of product from the…

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Veterinary plastic surgery skyrockets

Recently released data from the largest pet insurance provider in the United Kingdom, Petplan, has shown that last year there were almost $2.5 million (1.5 million pounds) in claims made for dog and cat nose surgery. This represents an increase in 25 percent in this type of claims over the previous three years. Furthermore, that same insurer also paid more than $1.5 million for young dog eye lifts, and over $400,000 for household pet dental work. According to Petplan, the increase in veterinary plastic surgery makes it possible for pets…

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