UCLA Health Report offers data to compare for future healthcare use

healthcare statistics

The 2016 Presidential Election brought a large shift in policy opinion and direction. Reports on the current progress due to actions of the Obama administration are likely to be used as a base of comparison in the coming years. Most notably, the progress due to affordable health insurance. Unlike car insurance or homeowners insurance, health insurance is something Americans struggle with getting for both their family and themselves. America struggles in policy creation by deciding whether to make plans affordable for mass consumption or left for those who can afford…

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Research shows federal healthcare law is helpful to small businesses

Two new studies have shown that when compared to ten years ago, fewer Americans are receiving health coverage through their employers, but that the U.S. healthcare law of 2010 should assist with the stability of insurance sponsored by employers. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a non-partisan organization, sponsored the studies and will contribute to the current debates regarding the effect that President Obama’s healthcare changes will have on health insurance that is employer-sponsored. This is because the research indicated that under the new law, 30 percent of employers may decide…

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