UK versus US dental insurance

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance helps to cover the cost of dental care. In the UK, dental insurance is much less common than in the USA, as many people rely on the National Health Service for their dental care, while in the USA there is no state-funded health system and fees are consequently considerably higher. UK dental insurance Dental insurance is sometimes provided by companies and employers as part of an employee benefits package and individual policies are also available. Dental insurance policies may provide cover for NHS or private dental treatment, but…

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As people lose their health insurance, the number of emergency room visits skyrocket

New figures about hospital use have shown that there has been a sharp increase in the number of visits to emergency rooms, and that – according to physicians – the rising numbers are the result of an intensifying demand for improvements and services that would permit emergency departments to provide patients with faster treatment. Early estimates from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shown that in 2009, the number of emergency room visits increased by nearly 10 percent, which was the most significant rise in visits since…

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Affordable Care Act offers women greater access to preventive services

Preventative health care has been a chronic challenge in the American healthcare system, but due to the fact that chronic diseases – which make up about 75 percent of the country’s health spending, and that they are the cause of 70 percent of deaths every year – are frequently preventable, this type of healthcare is now being pushed into the spotlight. Affordability has been one of the main problems holding back preventive services. Currently, most of these therapies, even those with insurance coverage, are subject to cost sharing, such as…

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