Health insurance provision delay could be a costly measure

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Health insurance provisions of the Affordable Care Act could cost the country money The Congressional Budget Office has released a new report concerning the delay of certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Early in July, the Obama administration decided that a number of key provisions of the Affordable Care Act would be delayed in order to allow businesses to better prepare for the financial implications of the federal law. The delayed provisions are focused on small businesses, requiring them to provide health insurance coverage to full-time workers. Small businesses…

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Health insurance research shows Americans remain uncertain as deadline approaches

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A new phone survey has indicated that the majority of adults in the U.S. are undecided about their future coverage. According to one of the latest studies conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, the majority of Americans haven’t yet decided whether they will be purchasing health insurance in order to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, or whether they would prefer to pay a penalty. The poll also indicated that in May, there remained a considerable amount of confusion about individual requirements. The team at Princeton Survey…

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Health insurance law in California includes more details

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The state has just revealed new details into its plans for implementing the federal healthcare reforms. California residents are now receiving their first look at what the health insurance changes will be in California as that state gets itself ready to implement the various required elements of the federal healthcare reforms. State officials have now laid out the various policy details that will become available to residents next year. This represents the California’s effort to comply with the federal reforms to the healthcare system, which include the individual mandate that…

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The National Association of Insurance Commissioners withdraws its support of an insurance bill on its way to Congress

Insurance brokers have been rallying behind a controversial bill before Congress. The bill was first introduced last month by Senator Mike Rogers of Michigan. The legislation seeks to remove the sales agent fees from insurers’ administrative costs. Supporters of the bill assert that it will help protect the jobs of agents. Furthermore, by reducing costs, insurers will be able to transfer the savings down to consumers. For insurers, the bill holds such promise that they were hoping that federal insurance regulators would endorse it. Regulators, however, have a much different…

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