Consumers are losing satisfaction with health insurance providers

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Satisfaction is falling among consumers with health insurance coverage in the US Consumer satisfaction in health insurance in the U.S. has gone down, according to a new report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Many of the country’s leading health insurance providers scored a 69 out of 100 in terms of consumer satisfaction. There are many reasons why consumers may be unsatisfied with their insurance providers, but the Affordable Care Act may not be something that has affected satisfaction among consumers in a significant way. The Affordable Care Act may…

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Healthcare costs for individual patients are dropping

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Though medical spending is on the rise, the amount paid from consumer pockets is falling. According to data released regarding consumer driven national healthcare spending in 2011 – the most recent complete year that this information is available – while the total amount that is actually coming out of the patient’s pocket is shrinking. These new figures from the government show that Americans are paying less for their medical costs. This is the case, despite the fast growth of health insurance with high deductibles, and the increasing employee contributions to…

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Chubb introduces new insurance product focused on cybercrime and fraud

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Chubb aims to provide health care provider with new protections The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, the eighth largest property/casualty insurer in the U.S., has announced the launch of a new insurance product that is aimed at helping small to mid-sized health care organizations manage cybercrime and fraud. Data breach has been a serious issue for many industries and may soon become a serious problem in health care. Per the Affordable Care Act, most health care records are to be stored electronically. The law also paves the way for a…

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Worldwide effort to provide health insurance has the United States falling behind

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Far less affluent countries around the world are making a much bigger effort to provide medical coverage. As the health care debate rages on among Americans, and the decision is made by the Supreme Court regarding whether or not to keep President Obama’s system-wide overhaul, many countries around the globe are making a much more significant effort to ensure that their own citizens are all capable of receiving health insurance coverage. These nations view the effort to make sure everyone can receive medical care as an economic investment. For example,…

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Institute of Medicine submits recommendations for national health care package

The Institute of Medicine, a non-profit independent organization comprised of medical and insurance professionals, has submitted recommendations to the federal government concerning a health care initiative that would make basic benefits available to all Americans. The organization was tasked by Congress to determine action regarding the initiative earlier this year. Researchers have been examining the potential impact the plan would have on the nation’s economy and how it would synergize with the overarching health care law. According to the Institute, such a plan is well worth the effort. According to…

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Americans uninsured on the rise

An epidemic has swept across our nation. The number of people who are uninsured is over 13 million. There are about 1500 community care clinics across the United States. Many of those clinics will have their funding cut; if they even get government aid; many are funded on donations or private grants. Where do you turn when you’re ill and have no insurance? At last count, there were 43 states that made Medicaid unavailable for adults with no children. Even if you didn’t have a dime to your name; without…

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