California at risk for major earthquake

San Andreas Fault Line California earthquake insurance

Geologists meet in California to highlight earthquake concerns California is no stranger to earthquakes; indeed, thousands of seismic events of varying degrees happen every day in the state. Last week, concerns regarding a massive, nationwide earthquake were drummed up when more than 9 million people throughout the state participated in an earthquake drill. California insurers are well versed in the risks associated with earthquakes in the state. What has many insurers worried, however, are the risks associated with a nationwide catastrophe. The U.S. Geological Survey met with risk professionals in…

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Insurance industry may be confronted with rising sea levels

Global Mean Seal Level Change - Wikipedia

Report shows sea levels rising in the east coast The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has published a new report that documents the rate at which the sea level along the Atlantic Coast is rising. The report shows that the sea level in this region is rising three-to-four times faster than it is in other parts of the world. The report suggests that climate change could be playing a factor, as warming temperatures are having an effect in the far north. What higher sea levels could mean for the U.S. insurance…

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