Federal crop insurance participation less likely among wealthy growers

crop insurance program - farm

The farmers who are most likely to buy this coverage aren’t the ones who are making the most money. A new report showed farmers are less likely to use federal crop insurance if they are among the wealthiest. This coverage is meant to help protect growers against risks such as low output prices and crop failure. The American program has been experiencing steady growth since the 90s. Federal crop insurance is now the biggest individual producer supporting program under the farm bill of 2014. This trend in growing federal crop…

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Lawmakers clash with Obama administration over the matter of crop insurance

Federal legislators representing various agriculture committees in Congress have rejected the cuts to crop insurance President Obama unveiled in his budget plan this week. The plan looks to cut $8 billion in funding for crop insurance throughout the country. Legislators claim that this would be a major blow to many farmers, especially those in areas that are prone to seeing natural disasters. The Obama administration is keen to make cuts to crop insurance because it claims that some farmers are abusing the system, as they will be paid for their…

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Farmers hope crop insurance will replace shrinking government check

The landowners and farmers who have traditionally relied on the receipt of a government check to help with their survival, regardless of the profitability of their farms, will soon be facing the shrinking or elimination of those subsidy checks. The congressional super committee responsible for designing the fall plan for dramatically reducing the federal budget is predicted to take aim at those subsidy payments. Lobbyists and other supporters of the farmers are struggling to develop a new and less expensive way to subsidize the farms and which would offer farmers…

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