Are health insurance companies required to cover home COVID-19 tests?

Health Insurance Companies - COVID-19 home test

The Biden-Harris Administration announced that insurers and group plans must cover FDA-approved tests. This week, the Biden-Harris Administration announced that health insurance companies and group plans will be required to cover FDA-approved home COVID-19 tests as of January 15. As of January 15, policyholders will be able to obtain those home tests without out-of-pocket costs. “This is all part of our overall strategy to ramp-up access to easy-to-use, at-home tests at no cost,” said Xavier Becerra, Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). “Since we took…

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Six states and DC sue Trump administration over abortion insurance coverage mandate

Abortion insurance coverage - gavel - lawsuit

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser called the separate billing policy an administrative nightmare. Six states and the District of Columbia have sued the Trump administration over an abortion insurance coverage billing mandate. This regulation requires insurers to submit a second, separate invoice for reproductive health care. The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) policy became effective last Tuesday. The new HHS mandate applies to states that permit insurers on their individual exchanges to sell reproductive health and abortion insurance coverage. The lawsuit is led by California and was…

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Health insurance mismanagement sparks controversy in Nebraska

Nebraska Health Insurance

Nebraska health insurance program found to be poorly managed Controversy has erupted in Nebraska as state auditor Mike Foley has discovered that millions of dollars in Medicaid-related health insurance payments have been mismanaged by Nebraska officials. The discovery could cause significant problems for the officials that would be implicated in mismanaging these funds, but could also mean trouble for consumers that are relying on the Medicaid program to receive the health insurance coverage that they need. These consumers could be put under financial strain as the issue is expected to…

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Health insurance cooperative in Michigan to join the exchange

Michigan Health Insurance - State Plan

The new co-op will target its products toward small businesses within the state. Starting on October 1, when the health insurance exchange will be opening for enrollment in Michigan, small businesses and individuals will now have an additional option to compare and consider, from the Consumers Mutual Insurance of Michigan. The organization is based in East Lansing and will now be listed on the federal exchange for the state. The health insurance cooperative will be boosting its operations under the leadership of Denny Litos, its CEO. The company received a…

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