Iowa public universities owe millions to insurance company

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The post secondary institutions have refused to pay for a health plan subsidy program but they still owe the money. Public universities in Iowa have been standing their ground and refusing to pay an insurance company millions of dollars in fees which would cover a program meant to provide residents with medical risks with a subsidy for their health plans. The universities had been billed for the fees but until now have refused to fork over the money for it. That said, the Iowa Supreme Court recently ruled that the…

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University of Toledo student insurance no longer required

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There is no longer a regulation for enrollment, but it remains possible to voluntarily enroll if desired. The student insurance that used to be required for everyone going to the University of Toledo has now been changed to a voluntary coverage, which is available to anyone who Is taking at least one credit hour per semester. The reason behind the decision is that many of the students attending the university no longer require the coverage. The reason is that because of the federal health care reforms, student insurance often overlaps…

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College insurance protection now often extends to rape scandals

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Institutes of post secondary education are now purchasing coverage for new kinds of risk. As students return to their campuses, this fall, they may discover that college insurance policies are now taking an entirely new shape due to the shifts that are taking place in the culture of these communities. These schools are becoming increasingly aware of the risk that sexual attacks can have when they occur on campus. For that reason, these schools have taken a number of steps to change the way in which accusations of abuse are…

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Lexington Insurance releases new college product to protect from losses from tuitions from international students

Chartis-owned company, Lexington Insurance Co., has released a new form of coverage geared toward colleges and universities, to help them to protect themselves against the tuition losses that they face from international students who are enrolled, but who withdraw as a result of a catastrophic event at home. Lexington’s senior vice president and executive from their property division, Erik Nikodem, explained that data from the Institute of International Education says that there were over 700,000 international students enrolled in universities and colleges in the United States during the academic year…

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