Health care reform law may be having a modest impact on the uninsured

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The uninsured may not see a need to use insurance exchanges One of the primary goals of the Affordable Care Act in the U.S., widely known as Obamacare, is to make health insurance coverage more accessible to those that did not have insurance coverage in the past. A new study from McKinsey shows, however, that the vast majority of those that have received coverage through the federal law’s provisions already had insurance. Notably, the survey suggests that many of the people that have enrolled for coverage through their state’s insurance…

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Health insurance coverage increases by 12 million since Obamacare rolled out

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A survey conducted by Gallup has shown that there have been considerable gains since last fall. The health care reform has generated a larger rise in health insurance coverage than had been previously calculated, according to the survey data from research that was recently conducted by Gallup. That study indicates that there are now 12 million Americans with coverage who were previously uninsured. This is the difference that has been recorded by Gallup since last fall when the health care reform was originally rolled out. Though the federal health insurance…

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Report suggests that health care reform has been a success

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Report shows that 5.4 million people have obtained insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act A new report released by the Urban Institute shows that 5.4 million people have received health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The controversial health care reform law has been the subject of contention since its passage in 2010. Opponents of the law have long argued that the law would make insurance coverage significantly more expensive, prohibiting people from acquiring the coverage they need. The report, however, suggests that the law may have been…

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Health insurance shrinking uninsured rate among American adults

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A recent survey tracking health care reform success has shown that a positive difference is being made. Just over two weeks is left to purchase the necessary health insurance plans to comply with the individual mandate requirements of the Affordable Care Act, and while the launch of the exchanges last October were not without tremendous hiccups – to say the least – it looks as though it has turned around and is making meaningful progress in reducing the number of adult Americans who had been uninsured. The results of a…

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Health care reform data shows fewer uninsured Americans

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According to new statistics that have been released, January has decreased the number of people without health insurance. New data is starting to be released that is beginning to reflect the impact of the impact of the health care reform, as it has shown that the percentage of Americans who say that they do not have health insurance coverage has experienced a slight decrease, this month. This change in insurance status was reported by Gallup, which has been steadily tracking the figures. This insurance news is certainly welcome by those…

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