Could Substantial Incentives Trigger a Nationwide Expansion of Medicaid?

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In the decade since the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) inception, a critical coverage gap remains in the health insurance landscape. This gap prevails in the 10 states withholding the ACA Medicaid expansion, affecting 1.5 million uninsured individuals. In this detailed analysis, we investigate who is affected, the potential for expanded coverage, and examine new economic incentives that may prompt a shift towards the adoption of Medicaid expansion in remaining states. Understanding the Health Insurance Coverage Gap The ‘Coverage Gap’ is a situation in some states where adults can’t get Medicaid…

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States without health overhaul plans contain 75 percent of uninsured Americans

According to an analysis performed by the Associated Press, three out of every four Americans who do not have health insurance are residents of states that have not yet established how they will be meeting the requirements of the healthcare overhaul. According to the same analysis, the largest medical coverage safety net in American history is progressing, but is doing so in sudden sharp leaps and pauses. At the moment, according to insurance coverage data provided by the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan group, the country is in a truly patchwork…

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States to receive clarification about health insurance exchanges from government

States still debating whether or not they wish to establish health insurance exchanges will be receiving additional information on the subject from the Obama administration, which will provide explanations in greater detail regarding the way that these complex marketplaces will function.  As of yet, the U.S. federal government has provided limited information regarding this significant element of the healthcare overhaul which went into place in 2010, though it had indicated that it would have already done so by spring of 2011.  Without any additional details until now, many states have…

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