Health insurance coverage is now protecting more Americans

Health Insurance coverage - uninsured drops

A new survey has shown that the number of uninsured people in the United States has dropped. This week, federal researchers have reported that in the first quarter of 2014, there was a substantial decline in the number of people in the United States who do not have health insurance. This represents the very first official federal measure of the number of uninsured people, this year. This represents the first time the federal government has measured the number of Americans without health insurance coverage since the individual mandate of the…

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Health insurance covers the largest number of Americans

Health Insurance News Consumer Survey

This is the most people that have been coverage since President Obama was first sworn in. A recently conducted survey conducted by Gallup has shown that the percentage of Americans who have coverage through health insurance has risen to the highest level that it has seen since President Obama first took office. This national study has helped to show that the health care reform is boosting the coverage of people in the U.S. The national survey showed that by the second half of March, only 14.7 percent of adults were…

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Health insurance exchanges have yet to scoop up the uninsured

health insurance

Two surveys have revealed that Americans without coverage aren’t flocking to the marketplaces. With the end of open enrollment on March 31 drawing rapidly near, surveys are now revealing that the health insurance exchanges aren’t yet enrolling the number of uninsured Americans that would be necessary to consider the health care reform a roaring success. The first survey suggested that only 1 in 10 uninsured individuals have completed their private plan enrollment. Although these online health insurance marketplaces are now seeing consistent use, they are not drawing the number of…

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Health insurance shows 84 million Americans uninsured or underinsured for a span of 2012

health insurance uninsured and underinsured survey

The survey revealed that there was a very large group that spent part of last year without coverage. According to research conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, there were 84 million people – that is, almost half of all American adults of working age – who either went insured for a span of time in 2012, or who had to pay medical costs that were so great that they were considered to be underinsured. The survey also discovered that the coverage level increased among young adults from 2010 to 2012. The…

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On the occasion of its public launch startup recommends insurance buyers to select  fitting levels of coverage when going for a health plan. Startup leader Steven points out: “According to data, up 85% of Americans have some sort of health insurance. This is definitely not enough as it means that there are still some 50 million of uninsured Americans out there. But even among the insured, a large part discovers at some point that their coverage level will not really live up to their needs.” Thus, tries…

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Affordable Care Act could bring financial trouble to 6 million

transaction account guarantee program

Report suggests Affordable Care Act provisions may create some financial stress for consumers Analysts from the Congressional Budget Office have released a new report concerning the effects that the Affordable Care Act will have on U.S. citizens. The health care law has been the subject of controversy for the past two years due to provisions that some states consider to be unconstitutional. Though the health care law has been challenged and upheld, those opposing the law are still looking for alternatives, claiming that the law will bring with it profound…

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Census report shows growth in health insurance amongst Americans

Health Insurance rate increases

Census report aims to shed light on insurance controversies The U.S. Census Bureau recently released a report providing rankings to states based on the number of people that have access to health insurance coverage. The report showed that, in many states, a large portion of consumers were still lacking health insurance coverage. The Census report has since been used as a way to generate more controversy over the country’s new health care reform law. The Census Bureau has issued a new report, which was released earlier this month, documenting the…

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