Unemployment insurance proposal achieves bipartisan Senate support

Unemployment Insurance extension

A new deal has been reached in order to lengthen the long term coverage by another five months. A bipartisan senator group has now come to a deal that will allow the federal long term unemployment insurance program to be extended for an additional five months. This agreement has arrived after several months of focused negotiations and will be applied retroactively. The unemployment insurance will be distributed retroactively to those whose benefits expired at the close of last year. The price tag that comes with extending these benefits will be…

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Unemployment insurance bill in North Carolina faces to Senate

Unemployment Insurance

The overhaul that slashes the system’s benefits moved quickly through the House. A controversial unemployment insurance bill that would entirely overhaul the system in North Carolina has now passed through the House and has moved on to the Senate in order to face their scrutiny and debate. The bill includes a number of widespread changes to the benefits that jobless workers would receive. The changes that it would make the unemployment insurance in the state include considerable slashes to the benefits that the jobless would be receiving in the future.…

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