Unemployment insurance program in Texas swamped with problems

Unemployment Insurance North Carolina

Issues with delayed benefits and overpayments are causing epidemic struggles. The unemployment insurance program in Tennessee is facing tremendous problems as the $1.2 billion system, which is administered by the state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The program is bleeding money through a high trend of overpayments, errors, and fraud. The unemployment insurance program has made $73 million in overpayments as a result of errors and fraud over a period of six years. Auditors in Tennessee have determined that the department’s program internal controls were either not effective or…

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Unemployment insurance bill in North Carolina faces to Senate

Unemployment Insurance

The overhaul that slashes the system’s benefits moved quickly through the House. A controversial unemployment insurance bill that would entirely overhaul the system in North Carolina has now passed through the House and has moved on to the Senate in order to face their scrutiny and debate. The bill includes a number of widespread changes to the benefits that jobless workers would receive. The changes that it would make the unemployment insurance in the state include considerable slashes to the benefits that the jobless would be receiving in the future.…

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Unemployment insurance rates spike in Alaska, Governor balks at current law

The Alaskan Department of Labor has issued notifications to businesses throughout the state letting them know that they will be paying more for unemployment insurance next year. The new rates have yet to be reviewed by the state’s insurance regulators, but insurance companies claim that higher rates are necessary to ensure that the state’s unemployment trust fund remains solvent and that insurers themselves have to recover from high unemployment rates. Governor Sean Parnell argues that the rates are excessive, as the state’s trust fund holds more than $234 million and…

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Kentucky lawmakers scramble for special session to solve the looming unemployment insurance crisis

Kentucky’s Governor, Steve Beshear, is calling for a special session of the state’s Legislature. The move is prompted by Senate President David Williams, who says that the session is needed to find a solution for the state’s looming unemployment insurance problem. While the state has done well this fiscal year – puling in $121 million in surplus – there have been problems with the unemployment benefits budget. If lawmakers cannot fix the problem with the state’s unemployment insurance program, it could lose out on $640 million in federal tax credits.…

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