Unemployment insurance extension vote to occur this week

Unemployment Insurance extension

As early as today, Senate Democrats will be moving to vote to extend the benefits for another three months. This week, as early as today, Democrats in the Senate will be making a push to hold a vote on a three month unemployment insurance extension to add another three months of benefits for the 1.3 million Americans whose benefits ran out just after the holidays. As of yet, nothing has been decided, but the Democrat Senator behind the effort said they will make a hard push. According to Rhode Island’s…

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Federal unemployment insurance benefits collapse

Unemployment Insurance

Legislative inaction could leave people without benefits Some 1.3 million people will lose their insurance benefits at the end of the month due to legislative inaction from the U.S. Congress. Federal lawmakers have declined to renew emergency funding that had been implemented for the federal unemployment insurance program. The benefits provided by this program have provided consumers throughout the country with some degree of financial stability as they look for employment. Unemployment insurance was augmented by emergency funds due to ongoing economic issues throughout the U.S. that made it nearly…

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Unemployment insurance plans in North Carolina spark controversy

Unemployment Insurance North Carolina

Lawmakers push changes for unemployment insurance North Carolina legislators have been working on a plan to reduce the benefits people receive through unemployment insurance. A bill has been introduced that aims to reduce the maximum weekly benefits that unemployed people can receive from the state’s unemployment insurance program from $530 to $350. The legislation would also cut down on the maximum duration that a person can receive such benefits from the current 20 weeks to just 12 weeks. The legislation has received criticism from consumer advocacy groups and has now…

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Michigan lawmakers make changes to state’s unemployment insurance system

Several legislations were passed by the Michigan Legislature this week. Many of these legislations held provisions that will make deeper cuts to the state’s unemployment insurance system, if signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder. The state’s unemployment insurance system has already seen changes earlier in the year, when lawmakers passed new legislations that limited the maximum benefits people could receive. These new changes will have a profound impact on how benefits are calculated for residents and will change who is eligible to receive these benefits. The legislations aim to…

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Great American Insurance customers can obtain job loss protection

Great American Insurance, a company based in Cincinnati, has announced that it is offering a new form of policy that can help to ensure that workers will be able to maintain at least half of their incomes should they be laid off. This type of protection has the potential to assist hundreds of thousands of individuals in the middle- to higher-income group. Aside from this new form of coverage, the primary option available to workers who have lost their jobs is to collect unemployment checks that will provide them –…

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