Hurricane insurance misunderstandings may damage family storm readiness

Hurricane Shutters

As the severe weather season continues, homeowner misconceptions are reducing preparedness. Experts are saying that as the Caribbean heats up for the season, there are still many people who aren’t adequately informed about hurricane insurance, to the point that proper preparation for the storms is being derailed. They have released recommendations for preparedness that don’t just stop at food and water. That said, some of the top recommendations for being ready for the severe weather includes storing a week’s worth of food and water for every person in your home.…

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Florian Insurance seeks to educate Floridians on insurance via website and Virtual Insurance Office

With the severity of recent storms in the South, residents of Florida have been growing concerned about their insurance coverage. Now that hurricane season is in full swing – a season that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration claims will be unusually active – many have unanswered questions about their coverage and whether or not they are protected in the worst case scenario. Local insurer Florian Insurance, Inc., is seeking to placate people’s worries by offering advice and insight on insurance operations. According to the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers…

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