Insurance companies face strain from series of large U.K. storms

UK Flood homeowners Insurance companies Flood Re Plan

The costs associated with Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank has insurers starting to feel some pressure. Britain has faced one damaging storm after the next, as Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank brought flooding and winds that left catastrophes behind and that now have insurance companies feeling the pinch from the associated costs. In fact, many of the insurers that are now counting up the total cost are some of the largest in the country. Victims of the flooding have now started to submit their claims to their insurance companies and…

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Swinton Commercial helps its commercial customers to protect themselves against Halloween mischief

As the end of October approaches, so does Halloween, Mischief Night, and Guy Fawkes, meaning that businesses in the United Kingdom are taking extra efforts to protect themselves against any possible damage to their properties that can occur during this time.  In this light, Swinton Commercial is recommending that businesses check their insurance policies and make certain that they are adequately covered against this type of problem.  Previous years have seen damage to the doors, windows, and paintjobs on stores on Mischief Night, an annual tradition most common in the…

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Allianz announces the release of a new online home insurance protection

Allianz Insurance has announced that it is now offering a new home insurance product in Europe that is available exclusively online and offers customers the ability to construct a policy that is customized to their unique needs. The new home insurance product called “Your Cover” helps customers to buy the most basic level of comprehensive coverage, upon which they can add up to 11 additional optional forms of coverage – such as home business coverage, identity fraud protection, 24-hour home emergency assistance, and sports equipment insurance – in order to…

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