A new Amazon health insurance comparison site is in the works

Amazon health insurance - Woman Holding Iphone 6 Space Gray With Service Amazon

The online retail giant is in discussions with European insurers for a U.K. price comparison website. Amazon.com Inc. has entered into discussions with E.U. insurers in the hopes of forming an Amazon health insurance price comparison site for the United Kingdom. This new site is in its earliest planning stages and official details have yet to be released. A Reuters and Fortune report pointed to an Amazon health insurance price comparison website for consumers in the U.K. That said, neither stated whether or not there are any intentions to actually…

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UK health insurance program exposed to fraud

Health insurance fraud and abuse

Loopholes may be fostering fraud in the United Kingdom The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) may be exposed to fraud due to loopholes associated with the issuance of European Health Insurance cards. The Department of Health has acknowledged these loopholes and the government intends to address the issue by tightening regulations and rooting out fraud. The problem has to do with how European Health Insurance cards are obtained and how coverage is being used and paid for. Journalist exposes fraud In order to obtain a European Health Insurance card,…

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Health insurance market in Ireland may be in trouble

Ireland Health Insurance

Health insurance market shows “death spiral” symptoms The health insurance industry in Ireland is showing some troubling symptoms. Ireland is one of the countries that suffered a powerful blow from the European financial crisis. The crisis causes severe economic damage to the country, which continues to have an impact on various industries therein. The health insurance industry is one of those that have been impacted and some insurers are beginning to claim that the market is showing symptoms that suggest it has entered into a death spiral. Death spiral may…

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Health insurance specific to enhanced breasts offered in the UK

Health Insurance Industry News

Plastic surgeons are now offering coverage against complications to this type of procedure. The British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has just announced that it will begin offering a unique type of health insurance specifically for patients who receive plastic surgery treatments through accredited surgeons. There has not been any cosmetic surgery coverage available to patients until this time. In the United Kingdom, there has not been any type of health insurance coverage for individuals who have undergone plastic surgery and who have experienced complications as a result of those…

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