Car insurance company fails to use Facebook to learn about potential customers

Facebook car insurance company

The social network has stopped a U.K. insurer from using people’s posts as a part of rate calculations. Facebook is now blocking U.K. car insurance company, Admiral Insurance, from being able to use customer posts as a part of their premiums calculations. The insurer intended to look at everything from the use of superlatives (for example, “never”), to the frequency of use of exclamation points and even the length of posts to decide a customer’s rate. That said, Facebook was quick to stop the auto insurance company before it could…

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Auto insurance fraud is causing trouble in the UK

auto insurance fraud

New report shows the prevalence of insurance fraud throughout the United Kingdom The Association of British Insurers has released a report concerning auto insurance fraud in the United Kingdom. According to the organization, some 500 people lie on their insurance applications forms every day. The report shows that in 2013, 3,500 fraudulent applications were filed with insurance companies every week. These applications contained information that was inaccurate, if not outright incorrect. Applicants often left out important information that would determine the cost of their insurance coverage. Fraudulent insurance applications are…

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U.K. government may stop uninsured drivers from buying gas

The British government is currently considering an initiative to stop drivers without insurance from being able to refuel their vehicles. The program would involve the use of the thousands of cameras with license plate recognition technology – that have already been implemented to help prevent drivers from fueling up and leaving without paying – to be reworked to be able to provide a cross-checking against the insurance and tax records with the government. The pump would operate only if both insurance and tax records match within the database. The government…

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EU “unisex” laws take their tolls on the finances of both men and women

The latest rule changes in the European Union involving unisex pricing have meant that at the end of this year, when the regulations go into effect, men and women will both be facing expenses that they have never seen before. A primary example of this change is the ruling that prevents gender discrimination while establishing auto insurance premiums – regardless of the fact that it is less likely that a woman driver will be involved in a car accident than a man driver, and that crashes involving female drivers are…

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Auto insurance survey shows 9 out of 10 drivers UK exceed the speed limit

Autocar, a car insurance provider in the United Kingdom, has released the findings of a recent survey that showed that an enormous 90 percent of drivers in the country admit to exceeding the speed limit on freeways while driving. Only a small fraction of the survey participants – 3.5 percent – claimed that they had never before broken the 70 mile per hour speed limit on the country’s freeways. Equally, 94.6 percent said that at some time, they were aware that they had gone over the speed limit when they’d…

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