Auto insurance rates are on the rise in the UK

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Insurance rates are growing in the United Kingdom, and there may be no end in sight Auto insurance rates in the United Kingdom has grown for the first time in two years, and they may continue to rise in the coming years. According to AA Insurance, rates throughout the country are on the rise due to numerous factors. Changes in the national market, new trends emerging among drivers, and other factors can influence the cost of auto insurance. The losses that insurance companies see from natural disasters and other market…

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Former UK Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, calls for auto insurance reform

The call for reform of Britain’s auto insurance industry has gone out once again, this time from former Justice Secretary Jack Straw. The UK, along with several other nations including the U.S. and Germany, has been struggling with soaring auto insurance costs. Consumers have been having a difficult time finding affordable insurance, given the ramping costs. The nations insurers, on the other hand, have never before had such an influx of new customers thanks to a new law approved earlier this year that requires all citizens to have insurance for…

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