Progressive offers Thanksgiving turkey insurance protection plan at Whole Foods

Thanksgiving Turkey Insurance - Turkey in oven

The grocery chain and insurer have teamed up to help customers protect their holiday meal this year. The Whole Foods grocery chain is working with Progressive to offer customers a Thanksgiving turkey insurance plan. The idea behind this coverage is to help protect against having the central part of the meal go wrong. The two companies are working together in this unique and somewhat odd combination. This Thanksgiving turkey insurance will be available exclusively for the one dish for this single celebration. Therefore, even if a family member brings a…

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Turkey quake and the impact on the nation’s insurance market

Turkey was rattled by a powerful earthquake this past Sunday, which caused widespread damage in many populated areas. AIR Worldwide, a global risk modeling firm, has released initial estimates of the extent of the damage. According to the agency, the damage is modest when compared to previous quakes that have struck the region. Nonetheless, AIR notes that the quake has claimed more than 200 lives, but government officials say that the ultimate total could be as high as 1,000. AIR notes that most urban residencies and commercial buildings are reinforced…

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