Trip cancellation insurance purchased in 95 percent of 2021 travel policies

Trip cancellation insurance - woman traveler

A recent analysis showed that nearly all travelers buying coverage include that option. The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has had an astounding impact on the travel industry, including the trend toward purchasing trip cancellation insurance. Following the global lockdowns, purchased travel policies now nearly always include options to cancel. The analysis was conducted by That firm reported that among all the travel policies it has sold for 2021, about 95 percent include trip cancellation insurance. “Trip cancellation has always been the primary driver of travel insurance purchases,” said Megan…

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Austrailian Travel Insurance News

The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) provides advice regarding the comprehensive travel insurance policies in relation to the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last week. Claims will be assessed by RACV according to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and the type of plan that was purchased will determine the coverage. For those who have not yet departed, cancellation or rearrangement expenses will be covered if the policy was purchased before March 12, 2011. Travels on or after March 31, 2011 are advised to be cancelled or rearranged until…

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Is travel insurance becoming a necessity?

Having suffered through the worldwide economic recession and a year marred by disruptions, the travel insurance industry is finally seeing an increase in business. More people bought travel insurance last year as people became aware of the potential for calamitous situations to arise during travel. With earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, blizzards, and civil disturbances, people have begun to see the value of such policies. Dean Sivley, chief executive of Travel Guard, a travel insurance provider, has said that more people are buying policies, but that the company is also paying…

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