International travel insurance more common than domestic among Americans

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More people in the U.S. purchase coverage if they’re traveling outside the country, says AAA Travel. Americans are more likely to purchase international travel insurance than coverage when they are traveling domestically, says a new AAA Travel study. Travelers are more likely to think they need coverage if they’re leaving the country. The research showed that almost four in ten Americans – 38 percent – will typically buy international travel insurance for their trips. Among those individuals, the most important benefit to those policies is trip cancellation defense. Among those…

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Travel insurance policies may become necessary under new US government policies

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People planning to take a vacation or business trip in the United States may need additional coverage. With the changing restrictions for travelers, travel insurance policies that allow policyholders to “cancel for any reason” may become much more important. While these more expensive forms of standard travel insurance have always protected people against losses from having to make last minute changes – or cancellations – to their travel plans, travelers may now need it in case they are turned away from the United States. The standard insurance policy for travelers…

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Travel insurance claim disputes are on the rise

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A resolution company has reported that they are dealing with five times the number of complaints. A dispute resolution company called Financial Services Complaints has reported in its travel insurance news that there has been a massive increase in the number of travel insurance issues that have arisen over the last year. For this reason, the company is cautioning consumers to understand their coverage before they buy. The company reported that they have been dealing with travel insurance complaint levels that are five times higher than they were at the…

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Is Cancel for Any Reason Insurance Appropriate at All Times?

Cancel for Any Reason insurance has been growing very quickly in its popularity among travelers, but some are starting to wonder whether or not it is appropriate for all occasions. Though it is important to carry adequate insurance to protect yourself against certain unforeseen circumstances, there is such thing as having too much – paying for what you don’t actually need. The travel insurance comparison site,, has recently released data that showed that there can be times when travelers simply don’t need it. Squaremouth marketing manager, Sara Byrne, said…

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Why travel insurance claims are being denied

Travelers are often susceptible to a lack of information. Whether they are traveling for vacation or business, they may not have access to news outlets or other such resources that can be used to keep them informed of current events. In these cases, travelers often find out too late that their travel insurance policies do not cover every situation they might find themselves in. After the earthquake that rattled Japan and caused damage to several nuclear reactors on March 11, many insurers are now weighing whether the threat of radiation…

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