Boeing 737 Max bans underscore importance of travel insurance policies

Boeing 737 Max Bans - Boeing 737 Plane
Travel insurance remains important ...

Travelers around the world are experiencing cancellations and delays due to airspace bans for the jets. Countries around the world, including the United States, European Union’s 32 nations, Canada and others worldwide have implemented Boeing 737 Max bans. These apply both to flight suspensions and movements in and out of airspaces. Travelers insurance is proving helpful for many travelers experiencing associated delays and cancellations. Travelers affected by the Boeing 737 Max bans aren’t just those flying in and out of the countries that have suspended the Max 8 and Max…

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Travel insurance company steps up to cover people affected by Trump’s ban

travel insurance - trump travel ban

AXA Insurance UK has promised to compensate customers for costs resulting from the “unprecedented” decision. A British travel insurance company called AXA Insurance UK has announced that it will cover costs resulting from President Trump’s “unprecedented and unforeseen” executive order. Trump placed a travel ban on Muslim residents of seven countries, barring them entry to the U.S. The executive order threw a wrench into the travel plans of thousands of people. Though this type of event is not technically covered by a travel insurance policy, AXA Insurance UK has said…

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Travel insurance purchased by only half of Canadians

Travel Insurance

A new study has shown that only about fifty percent of travelers from the country buy a policy. A new study conducted by BMO has just revealed that while 83 percent of Canadians plan to go away on vacation at some point between May and October 2013, only half have intentions to purchase travel insurance to cover them while they are not at home. The survey examined a number of different habits of Canadians while they are away from home. For example, the average Canadian traveler intends to spend $3,073…

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Travel insurance claim disputes are on the rise

Auto Insurance complaints

A resolution company has reported that they are dealing with five times the number of complaints. A dispute resolution company called Financial Services Complaints has reported in its travel insurance news that there has been a massive increase in the number of travel insurance issues that have arisen over the last year. For this reason, the company is cautioning consumers to understand their coverage before they buy. The company reported that they have been dealing with travel insurance complaint levels that are five times higher than they were at the…

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Travel insurance claims can be very strange

Travel insurance claims

Every year, insurers release the details of some of their more bizarre filings. Vacationers always experience strange things while they’re away from home, and those with travel insurance may need to make a claim, which, at times, means that the details of the story could end up on one of the strangest filing lists. Allianz Global Assistance has released its own bizarre claims, which include the following. • A tourist was held at gunpoint in the New York subway system by a gunman who was dressed in a large, smiling,…

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The return of the vacation and travel insurance

According to survey results by Mondial Assistance USA, a travel insurance company, the majority of Americans intend to take a vacation in 2011, a situation that has not been seen since the start of the global economic crisis. The insurer, based in Richmond, Virginia, found that 51 percent of Americans claim to be either “somewhat confident” or “confident” that they will be taking a vacation of a minimum of one week in length, and that will be at least 100 miles away from their primary residence. This is an increase…

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