North American companies avoiding cyber insurance according to Towers Watson

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Are companies leaving themselves vulnerable to a cyber attack? Towers Watson, a leading consulting firm with expertise in risk assessment, has released its annual review of corporate risk this week. The firm surveyed several corporations throughout North America and found that most do not take cyber security seriously, especially in terms of insurance coverage. The firm has also found that the corporations purchasing cyber security insurance are doing so in limited capacity and seem unwilling to purchase comprehensive coverage. This may be a problem in a world where the Internet and…

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Towers Watson research indicates that inquiries into D&O insurance coverage are growing

A Towers Watson survey has shown that a growing number of corporate officers and directors are looking into the coverage that their companies have or need for protection against possible lawsuits, which indicates that there is an increasing concern over the broad range of risks to which they are exposed. The annual survey, performed by Towers Watson, a worldwide professional services company, was called the “2011 Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Survey”. It also determined that many American public, private, and nonprofit businesses and organizations have increased their D&O liability…

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Hartford to test a new form of car policy in 2012

Hartford Financial Services Group has announced its intentions to begin a pilot program in 2012 for an auto insurance policy based on telematics. Hartford’s president of consumer markets, Andy Napoli made the announcement during the company’s investors meeting. The new policy will be using telematics. According to Napoli, using the “devices in insured vehicles to transmit information about driving behavior, such as miles driven, speed, acceleration, deceleration, and using that information to price the risk.” This pilot program will be known as TrueLane and will begin in the first half…

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