Tornado insurance claims head to court in Oklahoma

tornado insurance Oklahoma

At least 28 homeowners who were victims of twisters are suing their insurers for inadequate payments. After devastating twisters ripped their way through Oklahoma, at least 28 homeowners have found that their tornado insurance payments have not been adequate to allow them to rebuild their homes or to move on to new ones equivalent to what they had before their lives were turned upside down. The complaint isn’t that the payments aren’t being made, but that they aren’t paying enough to compensate for the damage. One of the homeowners taking…

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Tornado insurance changes to be implemented in Missouri

Joplin Tornado Damage Statistics

Following the disaster in Joplin, new regulations will soon be put into place. There will be some significant changes to be made for tornado insurance in Missouri following the lessons that were learned through the destruction in Joplin. The Missouri insurance department has announced that these rules will start next year. The department has stated that the mutual tornado insurance companies will face new regulations, with the purpose of preventing the type of drain on the finances that was seen a short time following the deadly Joplin twister. New state…

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Understanding what is – and is not – covered by tornado insurance

The surge of destructive and deadly twisters last week has put the spotlight on tornado insurance once more, as consumers attempt to understand the type of coverage that it will provide, including why many homeowners are still forced to pay repair bills related to tornado damage regardless of their policies. The Insurance Information Institute has said that the majority of insurance policies for homeowners, businesses, and vehicles will include tornadoes as an element of their standard severe weather and wind coverage. Typically speaking, renters’ and homeowners’ insurance will cover the…

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