Demand for cyber insurance is on the rise

cyber insurance

Cyber insurance is becoming more popular among the world’s various organizations Demand for cyber insurance is on the rise throughout the world, according to a new report from Timetric. This is largely due to the growing frequency of digital attacks against businesses and governments. These attacks are having a major financial impact on several organizations and consumers. With more businesses beginning to rely on technology and the digital space, cyber attacks are becoming a significant concern and organizations want protection against these attacks. Some $2.5 billion cyber insurance premiums collected…

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Auto insurance telematics market is growing quickly

usage based auto insurance

Demand for telematics technology has reached a new high in many parts of the world A new report released by Timetric shows that the insurance telematics market is set to see strong growth in the coming years. The demand for telematics technology within the insurance industry has been on the rise for some time, particularly among auto insurance companies. This technology is used to track consumer information and is becoming a valuable tool for auto insurers looking to offer new products to drivers. Telematics has lead to the creation of…

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