Thai floods: One year later

Thailand Floods 2011

Lloyd’s of London analysts examine impact of Thai floods Just over a year ago, severe flooding in Thailand caused by a powerful and unforgiving monsoon season caused havoc in Bangkok and other cities throughout the country. Analysts from Lloyd’s of London have come together to examine the effects that the Thai floods had on the insurance industry and the country. The floods produced some $45.7 billion in damages, $12 billion of which was shouldered by insurance and reinsurance companies that operate in the country. Lloyd’s of London itself accounted for…

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Insurance news in Thailand predicts record growth for the industry in 2012

Thailand LIfe Insurance news

Thai insurers are forecasting an increase of 20 percent this year. The insurance news from Thailand is now expecting that the industry in the country will be seeing record growth of around 20 percent in 2012, which has been primarily driven by the increase of non-life coverage sector following the tremendous flooding in 2011. Sales of new cars have also reached record levels due to government incentives. First time car buyers have given a notable boost to the demand for auto coverage, bringing it to never before seen levels. Insurance…

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Floods in Thailand causes insurance capacity to contract

Companies that have been waiting to resume business following the massive flooding last year are now struggling to restart their production again as a result of an insurance capacity that has been significantly reduced, and because those coverage options that are available have significantly higher prices and stricter terms. According to Aon Benfield, the insurance industry in the country saw significant losses which reached an estimated $10 billion as a result of the floods that began in the summer of 2011. Much of the insured losses came from the international…

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Swiss Re expects long lasting economic impact from Thai floods

Swiss Re, a global reinsurance corporation, has released its estimates of the damage done by the recent flooding in Thailand. Heavy rainfall in July caused widespread flooding in many parts of Thailand. Waters first began receding in late October and many parts of the country are still inundated. More than 600 people have lost their lives to the disaster with many thousand more losing their homes. According to Swiss Re, the damage caused by the floods could cost the insurance industry as much as $11 billion. More than 1,500 industrial…

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Thai floods to impact worldwide insurance prices, says Aon

Insurance prices around the world are set to rise in the wake of the devastating floods in Thailand, according to Aon Benfield, a risk assessment firm. The Thai floods are yet another catastrophic event that has occurred in 2011. Paired with rampaging storms in the U.S. and a horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the floods have done major financial damage to the worldwide insurance industry. Estimates regarding the damage done to properties from the flooding in Thailand hovers around $10 billion, but these estimates only factor in the damage…

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Floods in Thailand claim hundreds of lives and displace thousands more

Devastating floods struck Thailand last week and threatened to cause catastrophic damage to the nation’s capital, Bangkok. The floods are the result of heavy rainfall and violent storms that have been occurring throughout the country and in neighboring Myanmar. The recent floods are the worst the country has experienced in over 50 years and have killed more than 350 people thus far. Thousands more have been displaced as the relatively few insurance organizations operating in Thailand attempt to mitigate the disaster. The Thai government, led by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra,…

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