Health insurance law reforms still being resisted by Texas Republican leaders

Texas Governor Rick Perry health insurance

The GOP in the Lone Star State have no intention of easily complying with the healthcare reforms. Even though the Affordable Care Act is now safe from appeal, the Republicans in Texas have made it quite clear that the new laws for health insurance will not budge on the decisions that they made prior to the election. Some of the biggest issues in question involve the online marketplace and the expansion of Medicaid. According to the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, “Nothing changes from our perspective.” He doesn’t feel that…

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Premiums decrease and enrollment increases for Medicare Advantage

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the part of the Medicare program that provides recipients with the ability to select their own private insurance have seen a drop in their premiums by an average of 7 percent, and there has been an increase in enrollment by 10 percent. According to Kathleen Sebelius, a Health and Human Services secretary, this has been an ongoing trend for Medicare Advantage system, which helps to work against the negative forecasts that have been made by those in opposition to the health…

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