Texas auto insurance rates are climbing because of lousy drivers and expensive repairs

Auto insurance - Angry Driver

The Insurance Council of Texas released a statement about climbing premiums for Texan motorists. The Insurance Council of Texas recently released a statement to explain the rapidly rising auto insurance rates in the state that have been occurring since 2021. There have been several issues that have contributed to climbing premiums, but crashes top them. According to the community director of communications and public affairs for the council Rich Johnson, insurers have been slowly increasing their auto insurance rates since 2021. That year saw a substantial 20 percent increase following…

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Dallas-Fort Worth police are pulling over drivers to hand out gift cards

Though the first instinct of a driver may not be to smile and get excited when he or she is pulled over by a police officer, this week was the exception in several cases in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. There, some occurrences of being pulled over weren’t to hand out a ticket or a warning, but were instead to hand out $10 gift cards. A North Texas police department has been doing this all week in order to reward drivers who have been showing safe driving habits. Police officers have been…

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