Homeowners insurance is more expensive in Texas

homeowners insurance

Drivers in the state are also paying higher rates for their auto policies. According to an analysis of the latest data from the Texas Department of Insurance, the cost of homeowners insurance and auto policies in the state – particularly in the northern parts – is high and is becoming more expensive, this year. The average rates for both of those types of coverage have increased by double digits for many residents. The analysis, which was conducted by The Dallas Morning News, involved a look at the rates being charged…

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Concerns ignited over Uber’s auto insurance issues

auto insurance ride share

Uber catches the attention of insurance regulators in Texas Uber, a personal transportation company that is growing at an astonishing rate, is beginning to attract the attention of state regulators in Texas. The Insurance Council of Texas has voiced its concerns about Uber, noting that 20 other states throughout the U.S. are beginning to look into issues regarding auto insurance coverage and the company’s services. Gaps in auto insurance coverage could create dangerous situations for consumers that make use of Uber’s services. There are concerns regarding Uber’s policies on auto…

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Auto insurance card can be displayed on smartphones in Texas

electronic proof of auto insurance

A new law means that drivers in the state will soon be able to show an electronic version of their proof of coverage. A new law has just been passed in Texas which means that in a short while, they will be able to use their smartphones to display a digital version of their proof of auto insurance coverage when they need to show this information to a police officer, someone with whom they have been involved in an accident, and other purposes. All that is required is that the…

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Auto insurance rates in Texas higher in families with teen drivers

Teen Driver auto Insurance

Parents are paying premiums up to 71 percent higher in the state because of these younger motorists. Parents of teen drivers in Texas are watching their auto insurance premiums skyrocket as they add their adolescent children to their policies, causing them to have to pay an average of 71 percent more than they used to. The parents in the state are finding the family premiums to become suddenly more difficult to afford. When teens are old enough to obtain their driver’s license, it is one of the most important and…

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Auto insurance accident claims skyrocket in Texas during the Christmas season

The Accident Forgiveness Showdown - Who Has It and Who Doesn't

A new report has revealed that the number of crashes increases by 20 percent during the holidays. Allstate has just released a review of its auto insurance claims data, which has revealed that in the state of Texas, there are more car crashes than at any other time of the year. This statement was based on data from the five years ranging from 2006 through 2010. What the analysis determined was that the number of auto insurance accident claims rises the most on December 24, increasing by 22 percent when…

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