Parents believe their teen drivers are safe on the road

Teen Drivers - Young Woman Driving Truck

A new Allstate survey showed that despite worries about distracted driving parents believe in their kids. A recent survey conducted by Allstate Insurance showed that 42 percent of parents of teen drivers assume their kids are safe behind the wheel. Those four in ten parents don’t regularly talk to their kids about the subject of safe driving. Allstate used the last week of October to help teenage drivers to promote discussions about safe driving. Based on the results of the survey and what was learned during National Teen Driver Safety…

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Global Youth Traffic Safety Month helps over 120,000 teens drive more safely

Global Youth Traffic Safety Month teen driver

Adolescents across the United States took part in the Act Out Loud program this year to boost awareness. The 2014 Act Out Loud program was a great success, this year, as it brought 120,000 teens together to help to spread the word about Global Youth Traffic Safety Month and the importance of safe driving. The program is sponsored by the Allstate Foundation and the National Organizations for Youth Safety. These two groups have been celebrating Global Youth Traffic Safety Month with the program which is now been running for seven…

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Teen driving statistics show July 4 is the deadliest day of the year

Teen Driving

Adolescent Americans are at the highest risk of fatal accidents on Independence Day. Though summer is meant to be a time of fun and relaxation, teen driving statistics show that it is also the season in which adolescent motorists are most likely to be involved in a deadly crash. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has released new data showing July 4th is the most dangerous. It is on that day that the highest number of teenagers behind the wheel will be involved in accidents. Teen driving statistics show…

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California auto insurance places teen driver safety in the spotlight

Califronia Health Insurance

Commissioner Jones identifies the 100 days that are deadliest for adolescent motorists Teen driver safety has been brought to center stage in the California auto insurance industry, as Commissioner Dave Jones has identified the 100 days throughout the year that are most deadly for young motorists. He worked with traffic safety experts and found that the span from Memorial Day to Labor Day is deadliest for teen drivers. Following the discovery of this information, Jones joined parents, experts in California auto insurance requirements and teen driver safety, as well as…

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