Insurance company report shows business growth and severe weather boosted claims

auto Insurance company canada

Toronto Dominion Bank has recently released its financial results for the last quarter. Within the financial results report that Toronto Dominion (TD) Bank has recently released for the quarter that came to an end with the close of April, the revenues from its insurance company were also revealed. This included its revenues from home, auto, health, life, and travel insurance products. The total revenues showed that the insurance company brought in $936 million, which was an increase of 3.65 percent over the same period last year, which saw revenues of…

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Insurance industry in Canada hurting from extreme weather

Canada flood insurance industry

The large number of severe storms have been taking their toll on insurers across the country. A growing number of signs of uncertainty have been popping up in the insurance industry in Canada following the storms that have been striking various areas causing flooding, hail, winds, and other damaging weather events. This was topped off when one of the major banks in the country came out with one of its own early warning signs. Only weeks after the province of Alberta was struck with historic flooding, during which time the…

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Travel insurance is not a priority to most Canadians

Travel Insurance

Study shows that travelers from Canada do not purchase coverage. The results from recent research has shown that while Canadians are avid travelers – particularly abroad – they do not typically buy travel insurance to protect themselves while they are on their trips. Six out of every ten Canadian travelers are not insured before leaving the country. The survey, which was performed by BMO Insurance and which was entitled the Summer Travel Insurance Study, indicated that over 67 percent of Canadians had travelled within the last year to destinations in…

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Insurance news report shows that lying on a policy doesn’t pay

Insurance News

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to the information you provide your insurer An insurance news report has been issued, which has shown that dishonesty on a policy in the attempt to keep premiums low can lead to significant problems and struggles if a claim needs to be made. Failure to disclose important information can lead a claim to be denied when it would otherwise be covered. According to the research from a Canadian company, TD Insurance, one in five people are not being fully honest when they…

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TD Insurance enables customers with identity theft-busting tools

TD Insurance Inc. has announced that it is taking steps to make it simpler for its customers to monitor their own accounts so that they have added protection against identity theft. The insurer, which is among the top 10 bank-owned insurance agency and brokerage firms in the country, as well as TD Bank, “America’s Most Convenient Bank”, are offering their customers the use of the ITAC Sentinel Plus program. Its features include the following: • Daily surveillance of debit and credit card accounts over the internet, with additional monitoring of…

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