Small insurance companies facing scrutiny receive IRS deal offer

InsuranceBee and Hiscox launch insurance agent partner program

The goal of the deal is to ensure tax payment plus interest in exchange for dropping the case. The I.R.S. has offered small insurance companies under tax avoidance scrutiny a way to avoid penalties through a new offer. This offer would give the insurers the opportunity to pay all outstanding back taxes – in addition to interest – in order to close their cases and face no further penalties. The Internal Revenue Service is working to help to correct the tax avoidance and prevent it in the future. The small…

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Flooding costs from Hurricane Irene to be covered in part by taxpayer dollars

As Hurricane Irene bowled through the east coast, it left behind a path of destruction caused by its high winds and rains, with initial estimates for the damage ranging from $2 to $7 billion. That said, much of the bill for rebuilding will be covered by taxpayer dollars. The reason for this additional cost to taxpayers is that the majority of home and business owners in the Northeast don’t have coverage for flooding caused by hurricanes, and the federal insurance program is already facing a debt worth billions of dollars.…

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Lawmakers in Michigan to pay more for health insurance come October

Michigan legislators will be paying more for health insurance beginning in October, according to House Speaker Jase Bolger. This change is accompanied by a bill before the Legislature which will require state employees to pay up to 20% of their insurance costs. The move comes as an attempt to take control of the costs in every level of government as well as embolden the state’s insurance industry by injecting money from public officials. Until now, legislator’s health insurance has been bought with taxes. Given the tumultuous economy, taxpayers have been…

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