Arizona sees gains in health insurance

Arizona Health Insurance industry

Arizona’s uninsured population falls to 17.5% The number of people without health insurance coverage has fallen in Arizona. According to information from the Obama Administration, the state’s uninsured population fell from 20.4% in 2013 to 17.5% at the end of 2014. Federal officials are claiming that this is a victory for the Affordable Care Act, which has sought to make health insurance coverage more accessible to consumers throughout the country. According to Barack Obama, the healthcare reform plan has now been “woven into the fabric of America.” Affordable Care Act…

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Mississippi has a contingency plan in case health insurance subsidies are struck down

Mississippi health Insurance

State moves to secure health insurance coverage for residents pending Supreme Court ruling The majority of consumers in the United States receive subsidies from the federal government that helps cover the cost of health insurance coverage purchased through exchanges. These subsidies are being threatened, however, by a potential ruling from the Supreme Court. The issue involves whether or not it is legal for the federal government to provide subsidies through exchanges that it operates. Per the Affordable Care Act, these subsidies are primarily available through state-run exchanges. Mississippi has proposed…

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South Carolina will not build its own health insurance exchange

South Carolina Health Insurance

Governor announces that the state will not build and operate its own exchange South Carolina will not be developing its own health insurance exchange, according to Governor Nikki Haley. The decisions is expected to impact more than 154,000 people living in the state, whom currently receive subsidies from the federal government to cover the cost of their health insurance policies. The state already has an insurance exchange, but it is managed by the federal government. Depending on a ruling from the Supreme Court, subsidies offered through the exchange may no…

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Health insurance subsidies are at risk in the US

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Supreme Court is set to rule on a legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act The U.S. Supreme Court is set to rule on a legal challenge that has been made against one of the Affordable Care Act’s provisions. The provision in question is one meant to provide subsidies for those seeking coverage through health insurance exchanges. These subsidies are meant to reduce the cost of insurance coverage for many people, making it possible for more people to obtain coverage. Subsidies offered for coverage found through federal exchanges may vanish…

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Nearly 9 out of 10 people now have health insurance coverage

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Survey shows that more people have gained access to the insurance coverage that they need Results from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index show that nearly 9 out of 10 people in the United States have health insurance coverage This is due, in part, to the Affordable Care Act, which has expanded access to insurance coverage for many people throughout the country. The survey shows that people are now able to find coverage through expanded Medicaid programs in some states and insurance exchanges that offer either subsidized coverage or relatively low-cost policies.…

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