Strange insurance claims rise as a result of fur, feathers and creepy-crawlies

bedbug animal related strange insurance claims

Everything from peacocks to bedbugs are leading to a rise in filings with insurers in the United States. Strange insurance claims resulting from animal-related incidents are on the rise in the United States. Everything from aggressive peacocks to hotel room bedbugs are sending people to their insurers for reimbursement of their losses. This insurance data was published by Allianz SE in a report based on a recent study it conducted. Strange insurance claims in the United States involving bedbugs rose by 50 percent from 2014 to 2015, according to Allianz…

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Cell phone insurance claims are proving to be quite unique

Cell Phone Insurance

Mobile devices are finding themselves in some odd and often funny circumstances. The decision as to whether or not to purchase cell phone insurance is becoming a regular thing, and one with which many consumers struggle because it isn’t necessarily a cheap form of coverage. But as past claims have shown, it is very common for smartphones to stop functioning before their time. Though cell phone insurance may not be the cheapest one out there, claim records from various insurers that offer the product have shown that mobiles can find…

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Veterinary Pet Insurance sponsors contest for oddest claim

Veterinary Pet Insurance is sponsoring a competition that allows the public to vote online on the insurer’s website on the oddest pet insurance claims. The winner of the contest obtains the VPI Hambone Award, which will be awarded on September 21, 2011. The annual award received its name from the scenario presented by its first winner, which was a dog that had been trapped inside a refrigerator and who ate a full Thanksgiving ham twhile it was there. Other past winners of the VIP Hambone Award have included a Labrador…

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