What is a storage unit insurance policy?

Storage unit insurance - Boxes in storage

This coverage can help to protect personal possessions from a number of types of risks. Storage unit insurance is a type of coverage that provides financial protection for personal possessions where they are being kept. Possessions can be protected against risks such as damage from weather and vandalism, or from theft. A storage unit insurance policy is meant to cover the items locked away off-premises from your home such as a house or apartment. While a homeowners’, renters’ or business policy may provide some coverage for what is locked up,…

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Do your possessions in storage require insurance coverage?

No matter where you may be keeping your belongings – whether it’s in your parents basement or garage, or in a public storage unit – making sure that you have the proper insurance coverage for those items should be considered a necessity if they are of any financial value or if it would cost money to replace them. The Insurance Information Institute recommends that if an item is worth paying for its storage, then it is worth the cost of its coverage. The first thing that you should do is…

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