Changes to Kentucky Medicaid program may make health insurance more expensive for consumers

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Rand Paul wants people to pay for the coverage they receive through Medicaid Senator Rand Paul has announced that he will aid Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin in acquiring a waiver from the federal government to allow the state to charge Medicaid recipients for the health insurance coverage they receive. Senator Paul suggests that the Medicaid program is a financial burden, and if consumers do not pay for the coverage they receive the program may no longer be viable. The senator wants the state to move away from the Medicaid program,…

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Kentucky lawmakers scramble for special session to solve the looming unemployment insurance crisis

Kentucky’s Governor, Steve Beshear, is calling for a special session of the state’s Legislature. The move is prompted by Senate President David Williams, who says that the session is needed to find a solution for the state’s looming unemployment insurance problem. While the state has done well this fiscal year – puling in $121 million in surplus – there have been problems with the unemployment benefits budget. If lawmakers cannot fix the problem with the state’s unemployment insurance program, it could lose out on $640 million in federal tax credits.…

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