Health insurance run by the state rejected by voters in Switzerland

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Recently, Swiss exit polls showed that the country is not interested in dumping the all private system. A recent poll has shown that 64 percent of voters in Switzerland chose not to support the plan to eliminate the current health insurance system in the country that is completely privatized in favor of a strategy that is state run. This was discovered through an exit poll that was conducted on Sunday among the voters. The state run health insurance system was being pushed by parties with left leanings that claim that…

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Nevada government seeks feedback from public on health insurance benefits

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Consumers have a chance to speak out on health insurance benefits Nevada’s Division of Insurance is looking to acquire public opinion on what should be included in the state’s essential health benefits plan, which is part of the Affordable Care Act. Per federal law, the state must build a health insurance exchange itself or risk having the federal government establish one. This insurance exchange is meant to provide consumers with access to affordable health insurance policies and create competition in the market to drive down insurance premiums overall. The policies…

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High-risk health insurance pool in Colorado asks federal government for almost $15 million more in funding

After experiencing claims that have now totaled twice the average for the country, the struggling high-risk health insurance pool in Colorado has now asked the federal government for additional funding of almost $15 million more than originally anticipated. Colorado has already received $90 from a total pool of $5 billion in federal money for assistance in carrying out an element of the country’s healthcare reform which involved insuring high-risk uninsurable individuals. The funds were meant to hold out until the insurance regulations are fully in place in 2014, at which…

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California enrollment period for Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan coming to a premature end

In California, enrollment in the federal Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan may be coming to a premature end. The plan is an offshoot of the Affordable Care Act and aims to bring affordable insurance coverage to those with chronic illnesses and other pre-existing conditions that kept private insurers away for years. Lawmakers had originally set the enrollment limit in California to 23,000 people. The costs of running the program, however, seem to be much more than first estimated, and California legislators have lowered the enrollment limit to a scant 6,800. With…

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Enrollment rate for employer offered health insurance plans is on the rise, according to Mercer

Despite reports that employers will be making cuts to the health care benefits they offer to workers as the Affordable Care Act becomes fully established in 2014, Mercer, an acclaimed consulting firm based in New York, says that quite the opposite will happen. According to Mercer, enrollment in health insurance plans offered by employers is increasing. The consulting firm surveyed a wealth of companies throughout the nation and found that the vast majority of them were bent on continuing to provide their workers with health care benefits. According to Mercer’s…

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