How a Business’s Insurance Can Cover a Personal Injury Lawsuit

business insurance what you need to know and how to

When you start a business, you’re probably very excited about it. Maybe you’ve had this idea for years, and you’re only now beginning to get it off the ground. Your family is behind you, encouraging you. You’ll need to do things like secure a bank or credit union loan, or find investors. You’ll need to hire employees and set up your supply chain. You may need to hire social media managers, marketing managers, etc. You’re hoping the business succeeds, but there’s one area you should never neglect as you’re getting…

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A Guide to Why Car Insurance Varies by State

florida no fault car insurance

If you’ve ever moved to a new state, chances are that you’ve experienced a significant rate change in your car insurance. But what’s with car insurance being so much more or less expensive from one state to another? Here’s a quick guide to explain why these rates can change so drastically. Multiple Variables Affect Your Rates With car insurance, there’s really no single answer as to why these rates vary; in truth, there are innumerable insurance rate details that can confound all but the most seasoned underwriter. But the short…

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