Health insurance exchanges can now partner up to help ease the process

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The HHS has announced the first of the approved partnerships between federal and state governments. The Department of Health and Human Services has given their conditional approval to the first of the states that have opted to run health insurance exchanges in a partnership between the federal and state governments. The HHS is hoping that there will soon be additional approvals of this nature to be issued. Arkansas and Delaware have become the first states in receipt of the conditional approval for the operation of health insurance exchanges that are…

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Health insurance exchanges for 20 states have received their approval

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Another eight states have now received the all clear in the form of a conditional federal approval. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has just announced that an additional eight states have now received their conditional approval for their state based health insurance exchanges, bringing the total number in the country up to 20. These approvals have been coming through since last week and allow those states to begin moving forward. Among the newest additions to the approved list for their health insurance exchanges are Hawaii, Utah,…

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Health insurance exchange approval for states

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At the same time that the federal government had a fiscal cliff deadline, it also owed the states its decisions. The start of 2013 brought not only a great deal of attention to the decisions that would be made by the federal government regarding the fiscal cliff, but it also represented the time that the approvals would be given (or denied) to states regarding their plans for health insurance exchanges. The Secretary of Health and Human Services announced whether the proposals made by the states were approved. There are 24…

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Health insurance exchanges in 6 states receive federal approval

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Obama has given the nod to the marketplaces that have been proposed by states. The federal government has provided its conditional approval to the health insurance exchanges that have been proposed by six states that are moving forward on their versions of the healthcare reforms. Each of the states that have received this approval are led by Democratic governors. These states are made up of Massachusetts, Washington, Connecticut, Colorado, Oregon, and Maryland. Equally, the federal government failed to give its approval to other states that had proposed a partial Medicaid…

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Health care reforms receive more federal money for IT

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Many state insurance exchanges to benefit from more grant funds to expand their capabilities. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have just released the latest information regarding funding for the health care reform, which shows that several states will be receiving over $765 million in total grant money. These funds are intended to boost the state health insurance exchanges on the IT level. The states that will be receiving the grants will include Connecticut, California, New York, Hawaii, Vermont, Maryland, and Iowa. This money will provide the states…

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Safety-net healthcare used regardless of reform in Massachusetts

A recent study has shown that the new healthcare reforms in Massachusetts have failed to decrease the pressure on providers for those in the lowest income brackets. Between the years of 2005 and 2009, the number of visits to community health centers rose by 31 percent, and public and charity hospitals also experienced a notable increase in their number of patients. Leader of the study, Leighton Ku, who is the head of the George Washington University Center for Health Policy Research, said that there are a number of things that…

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States prepare for health insurance rate control struggles

As it is the states that have control over the healthcare and health insurance within them, and not the federal government, it is now up to state officials to get the most out of the Obama administration’s reforms to the healthcare system to keep insurance rates under control. The federal government has been pushing insurers to hold back large increases in their rates and will, starting in September, make it necessary for insurance companies to experience greater analysis before they will be permitted to increase their rates by 10 percent…

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